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About Me

Jona Behrer, MS, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (C4670). I earned a Bachelor of a Psychology from Siena College, and Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling from State University of New York at New Paltz. I've been providing psychotherapy services since 2014.

I knew at age 12 I wanted to be a therapist. From a young age I found ease and fulfillment in holding emotional space for others. As I continued on with my education I found my mind ignited learning about Psychology, Philosophy, and Women's Studies. I wanted to understand this existence, human nature and the experience of woman. Here I am, many years later (yes, many!) doing what has always felt like my nature, and loving it.

In my free time I love hiking, yoga, dancing, cooking, writing poetry, and tending to my plants. 

Holding a Flower

My Approach

My approach to counseling is trauma informed, humanistic, feminist and sex positive. I utilize techniques from Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Existential Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Mindfulness. Having an eclectic approach offers me a holistic perspective on human nature and the healing process. It allows me to adjust my approach to each client’s therapeutic needs.


Human beings are meaning makers. We internalize, and make meaning as we attempt make sense of the world, ourselves, and our future. Some scripts, especially those created from pain may hold us back.  Through our work together we will process these internalized scripts, and help you to find your authentic truth.

Feelings carry innate wisdom. They help clue us to our needs, and relate to others. Many individuals are disconnected from their felt sense. I understand that feeling can be uncomfortable, intense and overwhelming. I provide a safe space for clients to lean into and process feelings. By processing our emotions to completion we can find relief and insight for change.

Every individual is resilient, and doing the best they can to survive. In therapy we will work to move you from survival to growth. We will identify behaviors that may once have been adaptive, and help you to cope more effectively. 

Everyone has to capacity to make change, and create a happy healthy existence. Through our work I will help you to identify the agency you have, and help you to move toward being your best self. 

The therapeutic relationship is an essential part of therapy. It is in relationship that healing occurs. I will bring my authentic self to our therapeutic relationship. My style is warm, compassionate, direct and passionate. I truly care about my clients, and this work. I care about your pain, and the injustices you have faced. I am here to help.

As a feminist I believe in the equality, equity and respect for all individuals across gender expression, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, relationship practices, age and ability status. I will respect and appreciate you as you are, and for who you are.

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